Homey3 ™ is the producer of the “Prophecy Night” internet radio shows
that originate from Ghostly Talk Internet Radio Show: www.GhostlyTalk.com


With regular guest: Jill Dahne “The Love Psychic”

Jill has her own AM radio show on Sunday’s 3-4 PM EST on 1470 AM Miami, Florida air waves, or
you can listen to her show on her Internet website: www.jilldahne.com

Also her latest website: jill.medium-exposure.com

And www.jilldahne.blogspot.com


Hurricane Relief Fund

Jimmy Levy, the son of World Renowned #1 Love Psychic Jill Dahne, designed a tee-shirt for the victims of hurricanes especially after Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in 2005). By purchasing this tee-shirt all profits will be donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund (which goes to all hurricane victims).

Click the link to donate: www.jilldahne.com/store.html

The Buzz

with Scotty Rorek and Zita Ost

Monday Night 9-11pm Eastern
on ZTALK RADIO - The Best in Alternative Talk Radio!



“Las Vegas Psychic”

This listing is in memory of Cattel who passed away this March of the year 2010.
Cattel’s radio show originated from AllTalkRadio.net in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

Derrick Whiteskycloud

Clairvoyant and Radio show host of “Between 2 Worlds.”

Derrick has his own internet radio show titled: Between2Worlds for more information on his show please visit his website.


Scott Christiansen


Victor Baines

Director of the Nostradamus Society of America



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